Residential Electrification Readiness Pilot

Ready for a heat pump water heater? Find out for free!

Homes across California are making the switch to efficient all-electric appliances. Find out if your home is ready by scheduling a home electrification readiness assessment — at no-cost to you!

Pilot Summary

The CalNEXT Residential Electrification Readiness Pilot is designed to help homeowners like you be a part of California’s clean energy future. New and efficient electric equipment can benefit your health and wallet, but installations often come with unseen challenges that add more work, repairs, and expenses. Don’t let this stop you from improving your home.

Through this pilot, we are helping people prepare their homes for no-cost assessment of your home’s electric readiness plus trained technicians will help you every step of the way to make the decisions that are right for you and your home.

Participants will receive the following benefits:

  • A home electrification readiness assessment that will list
    • All incentives available to you
    • An assessment of the “readiness” tasks necessary to prepare your home for a heat pump water heater (HPWH) and other electrical appliances
  • Up to $5,500 in incentives to offset the cost of electrical-readiness upgrades (ex: panel upgrades, wiring, and other auxiliary work) needed to install a HPWH.

To apply for this pilot, please fill out the screening questions below and sign the Customer Implementation Agreement.

Heat pump diagram

Pilot Participation Steps


  1. Review the pilot program requirements and answer the required participation application questions. Once submitted, applications will be reviewed, and you will receive an email notification of the status of your application for the electrification readiness assessment.


  1. If your single-family home is selected, a representative from the pilot partner, Franklin Energy, will contact you to schedule the 75-minute home electrification readiness assessment.
  2. The assessor will visit your home during the scheduled and conduct the home electrification readiness assessment.
  3. After the assessment is complete, the assessor will review your home energy assessment report with you in-person. If you are not available for an in-person review, a virtual review will be scheduled within three days of the assessment. Assessor’s review will help you determine the next steps for preparing your home for electrification and accessing available incentives.


  1. If you have follow-up questions post-assessment about existing features in their home, you will have 30-days to follow up with Franklin Energy to review their home energy assessment.
  2. You will be asked to complete a post-assessment survey that will be shared with the pilot team.
  3. If you decide to move forward with an installation of a heat pump water heater, you will receive follow up instructions on your home assessment for reserving incentives for any necessary electrical readiness improvements and for the HPWH purchase and installation.
  4. Homeowners will select a preferred, qualified electrical contractor to install electrification upgrades and the contractor will submit paid electrification upgrade invoices to the pilot team.
  5. Homeowners will select a qualified contractor list to install your new heat pump water heater
  6. Homeowners will receive by email a link to complete a pilot program survey.
  7. Once paid invoices for both electrification upgrades and heat pump water heater installations are received, and you have completed the participation survey, you will receive the electrification incentive reimbursement.